Use at own risk.  May cause hallucinations and numbness of mind.

as well as other mental and physical issues.  Not safe for use by anyone.










Valentines Programming

This is a brainwashing session for those with a Woman

in their life, or for those that want to be made vulnerable

to a particular woman, on Valentine's day (or any day there after).

It implants triggers that control your behavior and

activate you to carry out a set of commands

I program into you.






Holiday Brainwashing





Session One




Session Two


The Gift



This session will result in extreme perversion!

It is not intended for use by anyone!!!

Only those that have been programmed to submit to it

and have no choice, should allow themselves to be exposed.







Session Three

your new year brainwashing













you will now be trained



Contains new auditory layering program intended to make the mind extremely pliable.

This audio layering is known to cause audio and visual hallucinations.

Use at own risk.









I have decided what you will be (and do) on Halloween














you will now be programmed regarding elections and "choices".